About Me (You Asked For It…)

I took a poll on my Instagram Stories yesterday asking what my IG followers would rather read about in my first blog post on AlyssaHallMakeup.com.

I wish I hadn’t asked.

I asked if they’d rather read about a rundown of my favorite things from 2017, or read an About Me post. 76% of those who voted chose About Me and now I’m stuck here writing an About Me and I have no idea what to say.

I thought this would be an easy post. Who knows me better than, well, me!? There are so many ways an About Me can come across so now I’m just stressed. I thought about doing “5 Things About Me” or posting a picture of me and my family or just copying and pasting the About Me from my website. But every time I started typing that stuff, I lost my voice and felt really…lame. Professional? Yes. But it wasn’t quite right. I wrote and deleted three different posts, and then decided to just write, and see what would happen. So here I am. Writing. And seeing what will happen.

This isn’t my actual desk. I’m actually typing from the couch with a toddler on my lap. My life isn’t this pretty.

I probably shouldn’t preface the post with all of that, but in the spirit of this being an About Me, there’s your first introduction.

I’ll probably consistently give you too much information.  I’ll get too personal. Or too detailed. Or too…much.

But that’s me.

I’m imperfect.

I’m also a makeup artist. You can read a more professional About Me on my website, here. But the quick rundown is this: I love my job, I love makeup, I’m pretty good at it, and I love to talk about it.  I’ve been working as a makeup artist since 2012.  When I say that, sometimes people say, “Oh, so pretty recently?” And then I say, “Yeah, about 6 years.” And then they say, “Oh, right.” And I watch their faces do some math in their head and re-think their life choices because they didn’t realize 2012 was a full 6 years ago and where did the time go and they start to feel like they really need to get their life together and get on some sort of meal plan or something.


I got to the point a few years ago when I realized that being a makeup artist was no longer a “side job” and my work freelancing was cutting into my time devoted to my “real job”. The jump to having makeup be my actual, full time, real job, that I use to pay the bills, and there is not another job to fall back on to pay the bills, was scary as hell. It still scares me. But I bet on myself, and I’m really blessed that I get to make a living doing something I love so much.

This one actually is me.

In addition to being a makeup artist, I’m also a mother. I have 3 kids and I love being a mom and it’s also really exhausting and I also want to run away a lot of the time, but that’s motherhood for you. It’s a package of really difficult and exhausting true happiness tied with a bow that used to be pretty but someone smudged it with their sticky fingers so it’s still kind of pretty from a distance but it’s mostly stained and you really need a new one but why buy a new bow when someone else will smudge it with sticky fingers and THIS IS WHY WE CAN’T HAVE NICE THINGS. But I love it. Really.

#motherhood amiright?!

Oh, my poor husband. I’m also a wife. I almost forgot to mention that. My husband is the greatest. He’s supported me so much and always tells me he’s proud of me. He sits with me while I study the photos and looks I’ve done from shoots and he says nice things and asks nice questions and always tells me to go for it. He’s a mechanic. We are so opposite in so many ways but he’s also my best friend. Like in the real way where I’d rather hang out with him than with anyone else. He brings me home chips and salsa when I’ve had a tough day on set or a tough day changing diapers…either way he knows what’s up and takes good care of me. He’s all about the surprise Diet Coke and candy bar and date night in to fix all the problems.

He’s my chips and salsa soul mate.

I might get personal and I might get artsy and I might talk a lot. I’m excited to have a forum where I can connect to my clients as well as people whose faces I’ve never touched. Instagram has been that forum for me and will continue to be in a lot of ways but Instagram is meant to be snippets. Here you get the whole burrito! (I know the saying is enchilada but I hate enchiladas. Don’t talk to me about how enchiladas are just mini burritos because I don’t have time for that.) I also love taquitos but I don’t feel it would have worked here as a great metaphor.

I love makeup and art and I also love the opportunity to break it all down and keep it real. I hope that’s what this platform can become. I hope to talk about makeup but I hope it’s more than that too. I hope we can discuss the industry and trends and controversies and tips and tricks and I hope I can post about projects I’m working on and hear what you think-the good and the bad (but be nice…). I’m a professional working makeup artist but I guess there is more to me than all that. I’m a writer, I’m a mother and wife, I’m a business owner and I’m also irreverent and opinionated I’m not everyone’s cup of tea. I can do everyone’s makeup though.

I’m also the queen of run-on sentences on purpose so hopefully you’re into that.

So here is my little home on the internet.

(I’ll try to add lots of pictures so that it doesn’t get boring.)

Well, I sat down to write and this is what happened. This is what happens when you vote “About Me”.