Top Ten NON Makeup Products of 2017

It was so easy for me to pinpoint my exact favorite makeup products from 2017, but choosing things that aren’t makeup was harder for me! It’s weird to narrow down my favorites with such a broad range: everything but makeup.

But, here are my favs, complete with an honorable mention because I couldn’t help it.

Tell me what you think!

  1. Cozy Casual

My outfits from the first day of the year through to the last day were almost ALWAYS centered around being cozy and casual, and unless it’s too rainy or snowy, white converse (especially these slip-on ones) are my go-to. And what’s cozier casual than camo? It’s been a favorite all year-long. When it’s warm I’ve worn this t-shirt whenever it’s clean (long enough for leggings), and when it’s cold or even bordering on cold, this sweatshirt is my favorite. My Zella leggings have also been my favorite all year. I literally wear them in any season. I love the high rise ones and I wish I had three more pair so I didn’t have to be without them while they were in the laundry. I’ve had mine for three years now and they’re still going strong and look like they did when I first bought them. Yes, they’re pricey. But I’m currently wearing them as I type, and I haven’t regretted it one bit. Buy them during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and snag them for about $30, or just go buy them now because you’ll love them.

Photo from my Instagram

2. Clinique Moisture Surge

I absolutely love this moisturizer. I use it at night! I have oily skin and love to use this every night and sort of pile it on over after my serum or facial oil. Facial oils are also a huge favorite of mine, but I’ve come into loving them more recently in the last couple of months, so I’ll bet it’ll end up in my 2018 favorites. Why do I like his moisturizer? Well I only like it when I really pile it on and let it sink in. I notice that it helps with texture and tone and also isn’t too heavy for my oily skin.

3.  Dove Dry Spray Deodorant

This is my FAVORITE deodorant! I even bought some for my friends when I realized how much I like it. This one is especially my favorite (Original Clean Scent. Dark blue lid) for many reasons. But let’s just get a little bit real, here. Nobody likes to be stinky, and nobody likes that weird stinky limbo where you kind of smell good but it sort of smells like your deodorant is activating and it’s a very concerning situation to be in.

That doesn’t happen with this, so… You’re welcome.

4. Bath and Body Works Candles

If you know me, you know I LOVE candles. Bath and Body Works candles are some of my favorites within price reason. (I also LOVE Diptique but don’t love the price.) Depending on the season of the year, my favorite candle changes. But these two are favorites of mine all year long.

5. Water Balm by Sonia Roselli

This has become my favorite moisturizer to use on clients. I can use this on any client with any skin type and it is the perfect prep for their skin. I have never used this without a client saying, “Wow, what is that? Where can I get it?!” I also use it on myself in the morning when I know I’ll be wearing makeup. Put it on, rub it in until the droplets form, and then give your skin about 5 minutes to soak it all up. Tip: This is also so great as an under-eye cream. It plumps up fine lines and moisturizes without being greasy or leaving behind any sort of film. I love it.

6. Gold Hoop and Stud Earrings

This year, I’ve loved and worn only two types of earrings. Gold hoops (like these that hang with the hoop outside of the ear) and studs. My absolute favorite studs are by Kate Spade and the canary yellow and the opal ones are on rotation in my jewelry box.

7.  Primrose by Maggie Bracelets

These bracelets by Primrose by Maggie have become some favorites of mine. They’re blingy without being ridiculous and they look so pretty stacked with other bracelets and/or a watch. She sells the prettiest colors too, but my eye is on this crystal one. She shows some really classy ways to wear them on her Instagram. Head over there and you might see some of my work, too! I’ve had the privilege of working with Maggie on a few different projects over this last year as a makeup artist when she’s showcased her jewelry on some photo shoots, and not only is she a great jewelry designer and crafter, but she’s a really sweet person. (And for the record this isn’t sponsored in any way at all, I just really like her and her jewelry!) They’re my favorite kind of jewelry: classic, comfortable and sparkly. She also makes beautiful earrings.

EDIT: After I published this blog, I went into the bathroom and was washing my face when I freaked out and remembered I forgot one of the big reasons her bracelets made my top ten. So I made a panicked noise and my husband thought I got soap in my eye or something and it was stressful for a moment. BUT, these bracelets don’t grab the little hairs on your arms and pull them out!!! When you look at them you might think they might but they don’t! They just lay so perfectly and they’re adjustable without looking weird or cheap. Ugh, they’re just so pretty on, too. They catch the sun and really sparkle but don’t look gaudy or cheap at all. You’ll love them.

8. Monat 

This year I’ve learned about Monat hair products and I’ve been loving them. My favorites have been the blow out cream, the lash serum and the replenish masque. The blow out cream has a heat protectant in it, but it’s also helped keep the style of my hair much longer than normal, especially when I curl it. The masque makes a huge difference in the softness of my hair and makes it look so smooth without being greasy at all. And the lash serum works really well! I recently had lash extensions and even though my lash artist did a really great job, it always does a number on your natural lashes once you give your lashes a break from extensions.  And I’m also a lot happier with the price of the Monat serum compared to other greats like the R&F. Let me know if you want to hear more about Monat!

9. Ben and Jerry’s Oat of this Swirled

My sister-in-law introduced me to this pint of goodness. Do you like oatmeal cookies? Do you like ice cream? Do you like being happy? Do you like when angels sing the hallelujah chorus while you sit on your butt and watch Netflix (quietly enough for you to still hear the Riverdale episode)? Then you’ll like this ice cream.

10. Estee Lauder Beautiful Perfume

This perfume is one of my all-time favorites. My mom wore it when I was a little girl, and it always reminds me of when she’d be getting ready to go to church or out on a date with my dad. It reminds me of her black velvet heels with the gold buttons and her drawer on the right hand side of the bathroom counter where she had her makeup in a little basket. It’s a floral scent but it’s warm. One spray is enough-and it’s not a light, flirty scent. It’s old school and romantic. If you like Chanel No. 5 or Replica Lipstick On, you’ll love this. It’s a classic for a reason. If you like light and soft scents, you won’t like this one. But I do. A lot.

Rose, Lily, Tuberose, Orange Flower, Citrus, Woods


Honorable Mention: Ugg Classic Short Cuff in Stormy Grey

I felt like I needed to add this to my list but I don’t wear them all year round. Thus, my trusty Uggs have made the list as an honorable mention. These are my favorite Ugg boots and I always wear them cuffed down in the front. They’re cozy and casual and easy. I feel like a “your mom” joke would be funny there, but also inappropriate.


So now tell me some of your favorites from 2017. Snack suggestions are especially welcome.